Pilgrimage To Mecca Mansa Musa

He also undertook a pilgrimage to mecca and is said to have perished on the way home. Historians consider mansa musas pilgrim journey to mecca as one of the most interesting stories in the history of africa woods tucker 2006.

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Musa i of mali mansa emperor of the west african empire of mali from 1307 or 1312.

Pilgrimage to mecca mansa musa. Notably sakura was also guilty of parricide by killing his own brother. When mansa musa the emperor of mali in the 14th century returned from hajj or the pilgrimage to mecca he was accompanied by arab scholars bureaucrats and architects whose collective influence on mali was markedly positive. Mansa musas pilgrimage to mecca happened between 1324 and 1325.

Then over the next two centuries italian german and spanish cartographers produced maps of the world which showed mali. The kingdom of mali was relatively unknown outside of west africa until this event. This is because musa was a king who ruled one of the richest empires in ancient africa.

Mansa musa pilgrimage to mecca got the attention of several european countries. Because of his kingdoms abundance of gold mansa musa was known as one of the richest men who ever lived on earth. Mansa musa i was the ruler of the mali empire in west africa from 1312 to 1337 ce.

He brought a large entourage with him which impressed people everywhere they went. According to primary sources musa was appointed deputy of abubakari keita ii the king before him who had reportedly embarked on an expedition to explore the limits. Controlling territories rich in gold and copper as well as monopolising trade between the north and interior of the continent the mali elite grew extremely wealthy.

Unlike his grandfather sundiata mansa musa was a devout muslim. He spent a lot of gold in the cities they passed through on the way to mecca. Mansa sakura is credited with many conquests of expansion and with re subjugating the lost territory around the rebellious eastern reaches of the empire around gao just like mansa musa.

These maps often made reference to musa. The impact of mansa musa pilgrimage to mecca on the history of africa. He left a realm notable for its extent and richeshe built the great mosque at timbuktubut he is best remembered in the middle east and europe for the splendor of his pilgrimage to mecca 1324.

The kingdom of mali was relatively unknown outside of west africa until this event. Read more about mansa musa here. Mansa musa captured the attention of the arab world when he left his home in the west african kingdom of mali to make a pilgrimage to mecca in 1324.

Islamic law requires that all faithful muslims make a hajj or holy visit to. When mansa musa went on a pilgrimage hajj to mecca in 1324 ce his journey through egypt caused quite a stir. The first of these maps appeared in italy in 1339 with mansa musas name and likeness.

A muslim is a person who practices islam. Mansa musa came to the throne through a practice of appointing a deputy when a king goes on his pilgrimage to mecca or some other endeavor and later naming the deputy as heir. A muslim like his royal predecessors mansa musa brought back architects and scholars from his pilgrimage to mecca who would build mosques and.

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